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[SAVIA Magic Countdown 7 day] -Acne skin intensive care

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  • MaterialPhyto GABA (fermented mung bean), Yeonkyosan™, Beta-glucan, Soybean fermented (Lactobacillus), Acer Okamotoanum Sap, etc.
  • Size52 * 65 * 24 mm
  • Weight25 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T,Others


  • South Korea South Korea

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[SAVIA Magic Countdown 7 day] -Acne skin intensive care



Brand : pure story SAVIA
I want to believe in a pure.

SAVIA made by tree sap which has plentiful organic minerals and nutrient rather than purified water has honest functions and actions.
For Acne & sensitive skin, All products consist of Natural Materials through a FIU technology which is Far-infrared ultrasound assisted method.


▷ Product : Slowly & Perfectly - Magic Countdown 7days

▷ Main Function : Acne spot skin intensive care

▷ Product Lineup
Step 1. EGF & Muti-Peptides : Regeneration
Step 2. Naflex™ 5 : Woman
Step 2. Naflex™ 7 : Man

▷ Main Ingredient :
1. Naflex™ 5 : Woman [5ml]
Phyto GABA (fermented mung bean), Yeonkyosan™, Beta-glucan, Soybean fermented (Lactobacillus), Acer Okamotoanum Sap, etc.
2. Naflex™ 7 : Man [5ml]
Phyto GABA (fermented mung bean), Yeonkyosan™, Phytospingosine, Lecithin, Acer Okamotoanum Sap, etc.
3. EGF & Muti-Peptides : Regeneration [5ml]
EGF, Acetyl Hexapeptide, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide, Nonapeptide,Copper Tripeptide, Yeonkyosan™ Acer Okamotoanum Sap, etc.


SAVIA Slowly & Perfectly [Magic Countdown 7 days] Acne spot skin intensive care

Step1. EGF & Muti-Peptide [Regeneration]

Improve the damaged skin fast and their condition from repeated trouble. The first step Multi Peptide ampoule care your skin condition perfectly for absorbing activated ingredients more effectively.
Various multi-peptides and EGF recover function of skin turn over cycle and activated your skin before using Naflex™ Complex.

Step 2. Naflex™ 5 : Wonman
Basis of chrysanthemum indicium, Naflex™ 5 Complex cares skin trouble when your periods and prevent skin trouble effectively.
Woman has their periods before 7 days, Skin condition starts getting worse, Because their hormone change makes their skin more sensitive. Naflex™ 5 complex absorbs intensively your skin and prevent skin trouble without any side effect.

Step2. Naflex™ 7 : Man
Containing various herbal activated ingredients for exclusively man's sensitive skin.
Because of external stimulus and wild life style, there are continually appearing skin trouble on man's skin. Naflex™ 7 complex deeply absorbs man's skin which is more thicker than woman's skin and effectively care skin problem. A botanical ampoule consisting oriental herbal ingredients clean mans skin with anti-inflammatory activities and there no chemical side effects.


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